Choose an Experienced, Full Time, Realtor to sell your home

There is no substitute for experience. We can all take classes, go to seminars, and read books; however, nothing enhances and improves your skills as much as performing the actual task. Real Estate is definitely not an exception.

Getting your license to sell Real Estate in Florida can be accomplished by taking a 63 hour online course, passing a state licensing test based off of that course, and passing the background check process. Once you have your license, you join a brokerage and off you go. You are now legally allowed to represent buyers and sellers in some of the biggest decisions of their lives. This low barrier to entry has created an environment that allows individuals with minimal training and knowledge to represent and provide “professional” advice to home buyers and sellers.


What Differentiates an Experienced Realtor

  • Experienced Realtors know their markets

We are not just selling your home; we are selling the amenities of the neighborhood and the advantages of the community. Identifying sales trends, comparable home sales, and current conditions in the market are some of the most important steps to initiating the selling process.


  • Experienced Realtors don’t just list your home, they market your home

First and foremost, professional quality pictures of your home and neighborhood are critical for all forms of electronic and paper marketing. Placing your home on the MLS is only the first step. Ensuring descriptions are accurate and the information is syndicated and enhanced on the major internet home sites is a must. We go a step further by creating a personal web site dedicated to your home, make a walkthrough video, publish electronic and paper flyers, and when applicable add drone video and imagery to capture unique points of view.


  • Experienced Realtors can negotiate the best price

There may be multiple offers, or offers that come with contingencies. Buyers can purchase using many methods, some of which come with the risk of complications. Only experience can prepare you to guide a customer through their potential options and identify the possible issues when accepting an offer. The highest offer is not the best, if it doesn’t close.


  • Experienced Realtors understand the different contracts and the process they dictate

There are multiple types of contracts and numerous addenda to supplement them. Residential contracts include very specific steps and critical dates that must be met to avoid potentially costly issues, the loss of the sale, or in some cases legal action. There are too many consequences to list as each transaction comes with unique people and circumstances.


  • Experienced Realtors follow up and follow through

They are there every step of the way and have systems in place that monitor the transaction and its progress from executed contract to closing. They interact with lenders, inspection companies, appraisers, title companies, and other agents to ensure the transaction is moving forward as planned. If there is an issue that arises, they have the knowledge to address the item in the best interests of their customer. Experienced agents ensure their customers are kept up to date as to the progress of the transaction and provide answers or direction to resources for questions and concerns.


  • Experienced Realtors are professional men and women dedicated to their business on a full time basis

They are constantly learning, keeping abreast of the markets that they serve, and remain focused on their customers during and after the sale. Real Estate is constantly changing and requires your full attention. Markets shift, contract documents change, regulations change, technology is always improving, and new communities are being built. These a few of the items experienced agents are focusing on every day to ensure they can always be prepared to work in their customers best interests


When you are ready to buy or sell a home, I would encourage you to consider utilizing an experienced, full time, Realtor. Under the best circumstances it will make your transaction go more smoothly. If you are challenged with a difficult transaction, it may make the difference of thousands of dollars or the loss of your dream home.

Tricia has been a licensed Realtor since 2006 and has executed hundreds of Real Estate transactions.  Contact her to learn how our Experienced, Professional team can work to make your next purchase or sale a Success!

Tricia Argabrite

Tricia Argabrite

Tricia is a recognized and respected top producing real estate agent, winning multiple awards for her achievements. She has contributed her time as a Speaker on numerous "Top Producer" panels. In 2007 Tricia was awarded "Rookie of the Year" by Real Living. Tricia quickly established an impeccable reputation for representing her client's best interests. Personal service, integrity, negotiating skills and diligence are just some of the reasons to choose Tricia. Tricia Argabrite was raised in Central, Ohio. She studied at The Ohio State University 2002-2006 and majored in Education. Prior to Real Estate she worked to become one of the largest closers for Residential Relocation, specializing in Residential Moves.

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