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Home Inspection: Taking a Closer Look

Once a home goes under contract, the homeowner should expect a call about scheduling an inspection of the home.

We firmly believes in the value of a thorough home inspection conducted by a qualified professional. A home inspection protects both the buyer and seller by exposing any system or appliance that needs attention.

Sellers usually make as many home repairs as you could before you put your home up for sale, so there usually won't be much for sellers to do in preparation for the inspection. Simply make your home available to the inspector, buyer and buyer's agent.

Perhaps the inspector will identify some issues; as long as they're dealt with according to the buyer's and seller's agreement, the home sale should proceed as anticipated.

But, sometimes problems are exposed that require some renegotiation. The seller may decide to repair or replace the item, or the buyer may choose to repair or replace the item in exchange for a lower sales price.

Home inspections make buyers feel at ease, but they should also make sellers feel at ease, too. The buyer’s inspection can also serve to help protect sellers by reducing the possibility of legal action in response to undisclosed and unanticipated defects.

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